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MasterClass™ on

How Smaller Middle-Market P.E. Funds

Can Outperform the Great Big Ones

Featuring 20 Expert Speakers

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Thursday, March 15, 2007
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

New York City


WORKSHOP A--Fundraising for Smaller Middle-Market P.E. Funds --
Unique Challenges of Raising a Fund to Do Smaller Deals

WORKSHOP B-- Due Diligence -- The Special Issues & Needs for Doing Smaller Deals

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

New York City

Designed to Meet the Needs of Smaller Middle-Market Investors,
Lenders, & Investment Bankers as well as Lawyers,
Accountants, & Advisors Who Support Them

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With all the press given LBO megafunds and megadeals, where does that leave smaller P.E. funds?  Better positioned than ever to generate high returns, that’s where. 

Though the smaller end of the middle-market has become more competitive, it has also become more sophisticated and better equipped to create value by systematically growing companies under private equity ownership. 

At this year’s smaller middle-market buyout MasterClass, you’ll learn from 20 experts with different strategies about how they are dealing with changes in the marketplace -- from higher multiples to competition from SPACs and from hedge funds, to shifts in the lending market. The program is being led by noted buyout specialist, Bob Fitzsimmons, managing partner of High Road Capital Partners, a brand new smaller middle-market P.E. fund. Formerly, he was a managing partner of The Riverside Company.

The program is being produced by The Capital Roundtable, the country's only educational information organization focused exclusively on the information needs of the middle-market and smaller-market private-equity communities. 

Attend this MasterClass, and you’ll learn the answers to--

  • Why have multiples changed so much?  Where are they headed from here?
  • How can you pay up for a company and still generate an adequate return?
  • How can you find deals where you don’t have to pay a full multiple?
  • How have financing options changed over the past year or two?
  • How will the lending market look a year from now?
  • How can you differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive market?
  • How can you add value to your portfolio companies?
  • How can you maximize chances of success and minimize chances of loss of principal?

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Chaired By

  • Robert J. Fitzsimmons, Managing Partner, High Road Capital Partners

Hosted By

  • Burt Alimansky, Chairman, The Capital Roundtable

              & Managing Partner, Alimansky & Bethell Group


  • Reese Bourgeois, Managing Director, Flow Consulting (workshop & masterclass)
  • Richard P. Buckanavage, President & CEO, Patriot Capital Funding Inc.
  • Geoffrey C. Cockrell, Partner, Wildman Harrold Allen & Dixon LLP (workshop)
  • James Corey, Managing Partner, Blue Ridge Partners Mgmt Consulting LLC
  • Hannah C. Craven, Managing Partner, Ayr Capital LLC
  • David N. Deutsch, President, David N. Deutsch & Co. LLC
  • Robert D. Erwin, Managing Director, Babson Capital Management LLC
  • David I. Fann, Managing Director, Pacific Corporate Group LLC
  • Lawrence M. Goodman, Partner, Curtis Mallet-Prevost Colt & Mosle LLP
  • Jeffrey M. Goodrich, Partner, High Road Capital Partners (workshop)
  • Christopher G. Hanssens, Managing Partner, Eureka Growth Capital LP
  • Brett R. Keith, Managing Director, RockWood Equity Partners LLC
  • John H. Liu, Managing Partner, Aubridge Partners LLC
  • Robert E. Michalik, Managing Director, Kinderhook Capital
  • Michael J. Miller, Managing Director, Allied Capital Corp.
  • Adam M. Mizel, Managing Principal, Aquifer Capital Group LLC
  • Donal J. Orr, Partner, Mallory Capital Group LLC (workshop)
  • Ross Posner, Associate Director, Allstate Investments LLC
  • Christopher B. Rogers, Managing Director, Heico Acquisitions Co.
  • Alan B. Roth, Partner, Wildman Harrold Allen & Dixon LLP (workshop)
  • David M. Schneider, Partner, Main Street Resources
  • Daniel Scouler, Member, Scouler Andrews LLC
  • Amy F. Solas, President, Solas Communication International Inc. (workshop)
  • Ashley K. Shih, Managing Director, Investor Group Services LLC  (workshop)
  • John Stipkovich, Director, Deloitte & Touche (workshop)
  • John G. Troiano, Chief Executive Officer, Beekman Group LLC

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07:30 - 08:30
08:30 - 09:00
09:00 - 09:45

09:45 - 10:30

10:30 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:15

12:15 - 01:15
01:15 - 02:30

02:30 - 03:30

03:30 - 03:45
03:45 - 04:30

04:30 - 05:30


01:30 - 02:00
02:00 - 05:00

02:00 - 05:00


Thursday, March 15, 2007
Registration, Networking, Continental Breakfast
Welcoming Remarks & Audience Introductions
First Keynote – Trends & Forecasts in the Smaller Middle-Market Deal Marketplace

Second Keynote – How to Succeed in Doing Smaller Middle-Market Deals in 2007. What’s Changed?  What Will Change?
Coffee & Networking Break
First Panel -- Why We Did It, What We Learned--Perspectives from Four Prominent Smaller P.E. Investors

(Four investors who have done different sizes & types of smaller middle-market deals )
Luncheon & Networking
Second Panel -- How Smaller P.E. Funds Can Add Value & Boost Returns

(Four specialists --an operations consultant, a restructuring consultant, a China-sourcing specialist, & a revenue growth consultant )
Third Panel -- Why We Did It, What We Learned--Perspectives from Four More Prominent Smaller P.E. Investors

(Four more investors who have done different sizes & types of smaller middle-market deals)
Coffee & Networking Break
Third Keynote
Fourth Panel -- How Smaller P.E. Managers Best Attract Debt & Mezzanine Financing
(Four specialists—a senior lender, a one-stop lender, a mezz lender, & an investment banker)


Pre-MasterClass Workshop (optional) Wednesday, March 14

Registration & Networking
Workshop A--Fundraising for Smaller Middle-Market P.E. Funds – Unique Challenges of Raising a Fund to Do Smaller Deals

(Four specialists – a lawyer, a placement agent, a marketing consultant, & an LP)

Workshop B--Due Diligence -- The Special Issues & Needs for Doing Smaller Deals
(Insights from four professionals with different areas of expertise)

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  • The registration fee is $1595 for the MasterClass and $495 for the Workshop -- or $1995 for both.
  • At the door, if space is available, the fee is $1695 for the MasterClass and $495 for the Workshop -- or $2095 for both.
  • Special group rates -- The Capital Roundtable offers a special rate for 3 or more people from your firm.  For more info, please contact Amber Mahood at or 212/832-7333 ext 103.


Click Here to Register >>     Purchase Audio, Video, Transcript>>

You can pay by credit card (using the links above) or by check. Mail your check and business card to: New York Business Roundtable Inc., 12 East 44 Street, Penthouse, New York, NY 10017.

If the program is oversubscribed, we will notify you immediately and not charge your credit card. (If you need to cancel, please do so by Thursday, March 8 at 5:00pm, and we will credit you for a future meeting.)

From time to time, for reasons beyond Capital Roundtable's control, program schedules and speakers become subject to change. We make every effort to announce substantive changes by email to registrants at least 48 hours in advance.

Have a special question? Please contact Tricia Kang at 212/832-7333 ext. 106 or by email at

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The University Club
One West 54th Street (corner of 5th Avenue)
New York, NY

Please Note: Dress code for the university club is jacket and tie for men and equivalent for women.

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The Capital Roundtable offers excellent sponsorship opportunities to reach the private equity community. For more details, visit our Sponsorship Page or contact Amber Mahood at 212/832-7333 ext. 103 or by email at

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